Enjoying Coffee at Home

I love a $5 latte or pour over out as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to save a little money (for your travel fund) and enjoy a cup at home. With the right tools and delicious ingredients, a well-brewed cup of coffee is simple to make at home. Here’s a few tips:

  1. Always buy good beans: Some people love a cup of Starbucks, but I do not happen to be one of them. I don’t ever buy coffee beans at the grocery store; instead I buy from local coffee purveyors. My personal favorites are Tesora (medium roast) by Philz
    or the Oromia, Guji blend by Sightglass. I buy them both in the actual coffee store
    and pick the bag based on when the beans were roasted (which is usually just a couple of days prior). I suggest finding a quality local spot, and I’m sure you’ll
    taste the difference.
  2. Use a quality grinder: If you’re grinding whole beans (which I recommend you do), it’s all about the size of the grind. Make sure you’re making the right size grounds for your coffee maker, and for a smooth cup it’s important that all the grinds are a consistent size. Aficionados will tell you to use a burr grinder, which is a bit expensive. If you use a blade grinder like I do, be sure to grind in bursts. If you pulse the grinder, you’ll get a much more evenly ground result. Different-sized coffee grounds will dissolve at different rates, leaving some grounds under-extracted and others over-extracted. These under- and over-extracted grounds will add sour and bitter flavors to your coffee.
  3. Warm up your coffee mug: We use our electric tea kettle to heat up water and pour it into our mugs for just a couple of minutes while the coffee is brewing. Instead of taking the heat from your coffee to warm up the cup, this method keeps your coffee warmer for longer.
  4. Brew with filtered water: Coffee is mostly made up of water, so it’s important to use filtered water and avoid the minerals and additives in tap water. You don’t have to dump in a bottle of Fiji, but be sure to at least run the tap water through a basic filter. We use a KitchenAid coffee maker with a built-in water filter.
  5. Add fresh ingredients: I drink my coffee black 99% of the time, but on the off chance I use cream or sugar, I specifically use the freshest ingredients. My favorite indulgence is to froth a bit of milk and enjoy a café au lait with a touch of honey for sweetness. Oh, and you can’t forget the warm socks and Biscoff cookies… perfect for a cold and rainy day!

Enjoying Coffee at Home2

Have I missed anything that helps when enjoying coffee at home? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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